East-Coast Canadian NHL Teams Dominate the Draft

March 14, 2018

Now what?  I had already tweeted about Trevor Timmin's (Canadiens Director of Scouting) excellent track record in later rounds (3rd & beyond), and started to move on to assessing other teams, when I realized that all 3 eastern Canada teams had excellent records.  

 Range of assessment is between 2000 and 2013; enough time for NHL players to show themselves.  Of course "games played" is not an ideal success indicator, but it provides enough to make general observations and can help form some interesting questions.


Why do the NHL teams from eastern Canada have great drafting records in later rounds?  


The original article NHL Draft:  3rd Round & Beyond.  And you also might like NHL Draft: Evaluate your team's 2nd Round performance.


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Montreal Canadiens draft record 3rd Round & Beyond (Trevor Timmins 2003 to 2017)





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