Gainey's* Incredible* Draft Record

March 14, 2018


By request, here is a comparison of two Canadiens regimes; Gainey (2003 to 2009) versus Bergevin (2012 to 2017), for the 3rd round and beyond.    (Photo caption:  PK Subban second round selection; not included in this study)


The first graph shows all 3rd round selections and beyond for the Canadiens between 1999 and 2017.  They have below-league-average number for selections, but well above league-average for average-games-played by each selection.  


It is important to note that the visual is comparing the selected team (Canadiens) against the rest of the league; so apples versus apples.  The visual shows that, compared to the rest of the league, selections under Gainey were excellent; arguably best in the NHL.  The Habs uncovered quality NHLers including Streit, Lapierre, Grabovski, Emelin and Halak with Gainey at the helm.


Under Bergevin, selections were good; just above league average for "average games played per selection", however this performance was achieved with "below average number of selections".  Only 4 other teams had as many or fewer selections in 3rd-round-and-beyond during Bergevin's tenure.  Having fewer selections is often the result of a previous regime, which makes overall management assessment a difficult task.  


Of course, "games played" is not an idea indicator of success; we provided the interactive chart (at bottom) to allow you to see the players and filter the data.  Be your own judge.


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NHL Draft Selections 3rd Round & Beyond:  Bob Gainey (2003 to 2009)


NHL Draft Selections 3rd Round & Beyond: Marc Bergevin (2012 to 2017)

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