Barry Trotz & John Tavares

January 25, 2019

John Tavares leaves and Barry Trotz arrives.  What are the differences between last year's Islanders and this year's version?  


Using the VERSUS Team Comparison Tool, a few things come to the surface. 


1️⃣ The OFFENCE generates at an almost identical rate and style. This is surprising given that a) JT is gone and b) the Isles have tightened up on the D-side of the puck (see point 2)

2️⃣ The DEFENCE is much much better.  In the top tier of the NHL in suppression of High-Danger Chances (and as a result, a super high SAVE % as well)


Trotz, without Tavares, has managed to maintain the offence and increase the effectiveness of the defence of the Isles.  I'm thinking Jack Adams - coach of the year.



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