Introducing VERSUS 🆚 Team Comparison Tool

January 31, 2019

An exciting new analytical tool for media and fans (here).  With the slogan "Know your team. Know the enemy"; the tool aims to simplify the analysis of advanced NHL statistics (courtesy with the assistance of data visualization.  


The visual, - data geeks call it a tornado or butterfly visualization - quickly draws the eye to differences between the teams, allowing the user to efficiently spot the anomalies and investigate the statistics further.   The length and colour of the BARs provide the power of the visual.


There are only a handful of statistics in the visual, however they are presented to you in various playing conditions; 5 vs 5, power play, penalty kill, leading and trailing. Each 'playing-condition' section cascades from critical to more critical; Corsi (shot attempts) to 'Scoring Chances' to 'High-Danger Chances'.  

Each statistic, shown in numeric form, is accompanied by a bar which represents where the team ranks among all 31 teams.  A longer,  darker bar represents a high (better) rank.  A short, lighter colour bar represents a low (poor) rank.


Each section, with the same cascade, is meant to help the reader quickly find the most important areas of information; and the 'butterfly' bar style helps find the polar differences between teams.


Select teams at top left and right to start your comparison.   Filters include SEASON, HOME or AWAY and FULL SEASON or LAST 10 GMs.  Buttons at bottom right allow for downloading an image of the comparison visual and sharing on social media.


Try VERSUS 🆚 here   Follow on Jason Paul @waveintel





















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