February 1, 2019

 Introducing VERSUS MOBILE!  Scout teams anytime, anywhere.  Same functionality as the full version of VERSUS, only a wee smaller.   


You can access VERSUS MOBILE on the same page as the desk top version, here.  


Use this tool to compare teams side-by-side.  The visual presentation aims to quickly focus your eye to the greatest differences and help prepare you for the game tonight! 


Dynamic filters let you compare teams of the past against current teams. Filer by home or away, or by LAST 10 games - a better indicator of current performance.


Each statistic, shown in numeric form, is accompanied by a bar which represents where the team ranks among all 31 teams.  A longer,  darker bar represents a high (better) rank.  A short, lighter colour bar represents a low (poor) rank.
























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Featured Analysis & Visuals

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