R1- Vegas 🆚 San Jose

April 10, 2019

 The Sharks and Golden Knights have similar chance generation and suppression rates, but the end results are a little different.  The Sharks have superiors shooting percentages which gives them an edge scoring, especially on the PP.  On the other hand, Vegas has superiors save percentage numbers which has driven better defensive numbers.  The key here is that the Sharks actually have similar 5v5 suppression rates, but a poor save percentage. 

What have you done for me lately?


In their last 10 games (right side), the Golden Knights performance dipped slightly including.  Most concerning - the reduction in chance generation and the big dip in PK performance. 

But are they better than last year?  The end results this year (right side) are not as good as last year, but the underlying numbers are actually better.  Better chance generation 5v5 and on the PP.  And stronger team defence - chance suppression.

What about the Sharks- are they better than last year (left side)?  The offence is much stronger and, although the goals against rating is poor, the underlying suppression numbers are excellent; just suffered from poor save percentage.

What have the Sharks done lately?  In the last 10 games (right side), San Jose was really leaky on defence and dipped somewhat on all offensive categories. 


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