Hockey’s Happiness Index

September 25, 2019

The 'Hockey's Happiness Index' was first featured on Boston Hockey Now a creation by Wave Intel.  The interactive graph (graphic #2 at bottom) allows you to hover over each team to get more information.


The Y-axis along the left side is playoff wins, and the X-axis is regular season winning percentage. 


Graphic 1:  Hockeys Happiness Index


Some of the interesting observations include:




Since the 2009-10 NHL season, the Bruins have had the most playoff wins (69) of all teams in the NHL – that’s 40 more playoff wins than the average (29) for all NHL teams.  During the same period, the Bruins had a .622 regular season points percentage. Only 2 other teams had a higher regular season points percentage – Washington and Pittsburgh.




Sadly, the best Canadian Team - The Montreal Canadiens - only registers slightly above average on this index.  The rest of the Canadian teams flounder in the 'very, very sad' quadrant having below average ratings for the playoffs and regular season.



Graphic 2: Hockeys Happiness Index (Interactive)





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