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Explore player performance H2H and relative to The NHL. 

Compare teams advanced statistics side-by-side.  Choose filters including 'season', 'home/away' and 'Last 10 games'.

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Explore a new way to measure power play & penalty killing performance.

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2 Brits 1 Puck


We are Dan and Will. 2 Brits who love Ice Hockey. Join us as we discuss hockey, life, and all in between and why it is fun trying to follow the number 43 sport in the UK. Most of all though we just love Hockey. @danstraightedge @weverett @2brits1puck

S3 E95 Howling Hall/Jason Paul pt2 (21st Dec 2019)

The second part of our interview with Jason Paul where we discuss the skill gap of teams. The versus player model and what things in life could we use versus for?

Ep 94 – Sharks n Stars/Jason Paul (12th Dec 2019)

We interview Jason Paul of Wave Intel about starting something from scratch and balancing a new idea with family life. We also discuss his testicles. 


Ep 15: Everything you ever wanted to know about tanking (but was too afraid to ask) Jan 27 2020

In this episode Jason Paul (Hockey Writers, @waveintel) and I talk about tanking! It's the perfect broad strokes discussion to get you back into Hockey after the break

Ep 7: Picking up Special KK on my Suzuki (December 2, 2019 • 105 min)

n this episode of the Habstatician I do game recaps of the loosing streak that was and end off chatting with Jason Paul of The Hockey Writers about Kotkaniemi and Suzuki (sorry I couldn't come up with a better pun). Interview starts at 1:07:01

Habs Unfiltered 

Season 3 Episode 56. (Jan 31 2020) Trege "Toxic" Wilson also does an interview with Verses creator and a member of The Hockey Writers Jason Paul

Feature Research Articles

Saving Goals! 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Goalie Stats

September 19, 2020

Canadiens' Questionable Draft Performance under Bergevin

September 13, 2020

Canadiens Must Get More Creative to Gain Competitive Advantage

April 10, 2020

NHL GMs by the Numbers

March 27, 2020

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Data Viz Features

October 17, 2019

A measure of 'aggressiveness' can be the 'shorty'.  The short handed goal can give us an indication of the nature of a power play.  Of course it is only one aspect of a larger story, but interesting nonetheless.  Interactive version - choose your tea...

September 11, 2019

Interactive chart showing the history of save percentage (line) and shorts per game (bar).  

September 11, 2019

If you lived through the 'dead puck era', you know that things look pretty good in the NHL right now.  Scoring is up! 

Here's a look at the trends in NHL power play data. 

interactive data viz here

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